Organic electronics

My research goal is to leverage molecular design in advanced organic electronics and develop fabrication methods to demonstrate functional electronic devices for current and future applications.


Materials processing and characterization. I aim to develop processing techniques for novel organic electronic materials to meet existing needs for large area device manufacturing. Through structural polymer design and selection, I develop surface modification routes suitable for industry scale manufacturing. I am mainly interested in semiconducting polymers and corresponding composites, 2D conductive frameworks (MOFs and COFs), as well as small molecules.

Devices design and fabrication. To complement the processing component and motivate novel materials designs, I study material's electronic performance in thin film based transistor devices (OFETs, OECTs, EGOFETs, etc) and investigate the structure-to-property relationship. Such devices are aimed for sensing and computing applications.

Future electronics. Motivated by the unprecedented recent interest in space exploration, my research seeks to develop materials that can tolerant extreme environments. Particularly, I am interested in the use of polymer composites for high temperature electronics applications. Since most semiconductor malfunction under extreme temperatures, my research utilizes the blending strategy to host conventional semiconductors in insulating matrices (e.g. Kapton) and enable high temperature operation stability. I aim to use backbone design, cross-linking, molecular packing, and matrix design to demonstrate thermal stability under unprecedented temperature ranges for electronics.