Research Mentees

Dung Tran, 2016-Present, PhD Candidate at Purdue University

Kaelon A. Jenkins, 2017-Present, PhD Candidate at Purdue University

Zhifan Ke, 2018-Present, Graduate Student at Purdue University

Huihong Jiang, 2019-2020, Graduate Student at Zhejiang University

Brandon Jang, 2018-2019, MS, Purdue University, ChemE

Hongyi Zhang, 2015-2017, Currently Graduate Student at UChicago, IME


2016-2017: Organic Chemistry I & II, Teaching Assistant, Purdue University

2015-2016: General Chemistry I & II, Teaching Assistant, Purdue University

2014-2015: French Tutor, Wofford College

2014: Chemistry Tutor, Wofford College

Diversity and Inclusion

Throughout my research journey, I have strived to ensure that the field of materials science can continue to be more diverse and inclusive. Thus far my approach has been to promote engagement in positive conversations, self education and education of colleagues on historical origins of socio-economical disparities especially in America. Currently, I am a member and advocate of:


2020-PresentDEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), a campus-wide initiative for making positive change especially in the research community at Stanford University

2017-Present: DTA (Diversity Transformation Award), a chemistry department diversity initiative to help facilitate communication between prospective minority students and current graduate students at  Purdue University.

Community Involvement

Water2All Rwanda

As a native of Rwanda, I spent several hours when I was younger walking to and from water wells and had to carry water home every day. Since it was a necessity, I never had to think twice on whether the time I spent on this inconvenient task could have been used for my education and career development. It was either thirst or reading time, the choice was obvious. To this day, many children still have to walk miles and spend hours to get water, and oftentimes, dirty water!

This year, I initiated a project, Water2All, with the aim to find affordable ways to provide clean and running water in rural areas of Rwanda, starting with Kamonyi district. Thus far, I have raised enough funds through donations and personal efforts to build a water well that now provides clean water to over 50 households in Kamonyi!

BookSmart Rwanda

I now aim to establish a platform for these children who no longer have to walk and wait in line for water to turn the water fetching times into reading and talent development times, an opportunity that I never had growing up.  My ultimate goal is to establish youth centers, where younger children can gather to read, play, and be mentored. Currently, I aim to use the help from my parents, retired educators, to offer guidance and mentorship to young children in Kamonyi.