I am a researcher in materials chemistry, currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University with Prof. Alberto Salleo and Prof. Zhenan Bao. My research focuses on semiconducting polymers, their processing and characterization, and their unique role in the future of electronics. Through novel processing strategies, I study the structure-to-property relationship especially for large-area manufacturing of electronic devices. The design/selection of functional materials, formulation of manufacturing-ready inks especially flexible electronics is my motivation. I strive to enable the leap that organic materials will soon take as the future of electronic devices.



2020 - 2022: Stanford University

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Materials Science & Engineering

Research: Polymer-based neuromorphic devices

Advisors: Prof. Alberto SalleoZhenan Bao

2015 - 2019: Purdue University

Ms/PhD, Chemistry

Thesis: High Temperature Semiconducting Polymers and Polymer Blends

Advisor: Jianguo Mei

2011-2015: Wofford College

Bs, Chemistry. Minor, Mathematics


2020-2022: GLAM Postdoctoral Fellowship,

Stanford   University

2019: Herbert C. Brown Graduate Student Research Award, Purdue University

2019: Herbert C. Brown Travel Award,

Purdue University

2019: Arthur Nowick Graduate Student Award, Materials Research Society

2019: Graduate Student Gold Award,

Materials Research Society

2018: Charles Viol Fellowship, Purdue University

2016: Herbert C. Brown Travel Award,

Purdue University

2011-2015: Rwanda Presidential Scholarship,

Wofford College